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These Impatient Days

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Michael Starr: Guitar, Violin


Time was once upon itself something to fill
Deliciously to savor sitting still
While drinking cabernets in dark cafes
Hours had no destination
Until we used up all our matinees
And found ourselves in these impatient days

Now, hearts clenching at the sunrise we awake
Regretting every moment that we take
For anything but brief communiques
Facing down a racing generation
Dreaming dies and daydreaming decays
As we stumble on through these impatient days

If we dare to close our eyes
We fall behind, we fall behind
What to do but compromise
Just this once, never mind
Time was generous when it was free
Now it calls come on, come on, come on
Don’t you waste me

Once the future felt completely infinite
Eventually there’s not much left of it
And with the end appearing through the haze
Busy’s not a consolation
Details fade as yesterday replays
And we don’t remember these impatient days
No we won’t remember these impatient days